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Our Practice

Safe Harbor Counseling and Advocacy was born out of the need to create a safe space for all clients to have their journeys honored and valued. The medicalized model of care in mental health has often led many clients to feel pressure to address decades of trauma in a short time frame. Short term "fixes" and distractions often lead people to feel broken and hopeless. In an attempt to fit into a system that was designed to exploit individuals, many individuals feel lost and imperfect. We believe that everyone deserves a space to better understand their experience, learn how to make room for their emotions and honor their needs despite navigating oppressive systems that discourage them to be human.  


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What to expect during your first visit

Our services are delivered through a HIPAA compliant and encrypted software that ensures your information is secure and confidential. You will receive an email with a secure link 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  

During your first appointment, our goal is to get to know who you are, what brought you to seek support and if our services are the best fit for your needs. Once we review your history and background we will develop a personalized treatment plan focused on your individual needs and goals. 

The number one predictor of what makes therapy effective is the relationship you establish with your provider. If we are not able to provide the services you are looking for or you do not feel like your provider is a good fit, we are committed to finding referrals to ensure your needs are prioritized.

Our values

Accessibility: we aim to minimize barriers for clients to access mental health services by offering referrals, resources and connecting clients with community supports.

Transparency: we strive to be forthcoming and honest regarding policies, procedures and expectations for care. In order to ensure proper informed consent in therapy clients are expected to understand the risks and benefits of interventions they are participating in. 

Client Centered: Clients voices are heard and honored through treatment planning and implementation of interventions. Clients are consulted as experts in their experience and are in control of the outcomes in therapy.

Equity and Inclusion: Our care is guided by principles of equity, inclusion and social justice. Client’s care takes a whole-person perspective where each clients' intersecting identity variables are affirmed and considered when creating appropriate treatment plans. We aim to ensure all of our clients feel safe being exactly who they are.


Our goal is to ensure everyone is able to access counseling services

We accept the following insurances at this time:

  • Aetna 

  • Allegiance

  • All Savers

  • Florida Blue/Blue Cross Blue Shield (All plans accepted)

  • Cigna

  • Oscar Healthcare

  • United Healthcare 

  • UMR

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